Amnihs Gentil Homme

Amnihs GH is a “high end” brand. Creating timeless fashion with a “Gentil Homme” design for the self-made man. We believe in a philosophy of “the belief in your own abilities”.

With our clothing we want to be a medium for the authentic man with a successful mindset. The aim is to expand our position in the luxury segment of the Men’s fashion genre with extra attention in design and details.

With a creative and progressive attitude, we are realising a “high end” brand that distinguishes itself by combining a high standard with “fitted” design.

Behind the “Gentil Homme” philosophy

A philosophy that is based on the discovery, realization and expression of the self-assured man. Fashion is part of that philosophy. With the development of exclusive items with luxury details,
Amnihs Gentil Homme has a contributing factor for the self-made man.

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